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Your Pet Is In Good Hands

Our expirenced Pet Stylist will be with your pet in a calm, fear-free zone because we love your pets just as much as you do! For peace of mind we are located within a trusted, established pet clinic.

Time for a check-up?

The friendly vet staff we work with can provide full exams, give vaccines, or do a quick re-check while your pet is already here so you don't have to make two trips. This can save time and stress on your pet.

Dog Grooming

We offer packages for dogs any where from quick services, like nail trims, to full grooming. Your dog will be in a quiet office with the Stylist rather than a noisy room full of other pets like some other grooming facilities.

Cat Grooming

We know cat grooming can be scary for your little feline friend but here at Haute Mess we strive to keep cats just as comfortable as anyone else! Cats are groomed in an area away from dogs and other stressful distractions that other facilities cannot always offer. 

Hello, We Are Haute Mess

Happy Pets Happy Clients

Here we don't just work with animals, we LOVE animals! We want to treat every pet as if it were our own, which means gentle, passionate, unbeatable care. 
Our experienced Pet Stylist will be with your furry family member every step of the way making sure they leave as happy, beautifully groomed pets.


Happy Pets


Healthy Pet


Stylish Pets

Meet The Groomer

  1. Mariah
    Pet Stylist
    Mariah is a professionally-trained Pet Stylist with more than 5 years of professional grooming experience. She has her own furry friend, Loki, at home.